It’s very seldom that one goes from living in huge amounts of debt from throwing music events and losing money, to becoming a CEO of your very own company. Well, this is true for Efren Portillo, who started working at a department store to building his own company from the ground up.

From a teenager who started a production company that booked artists to perform at events that landed him in debt, to then starting a clothing company that failed as well. He then tried a cell phone company that eventually failed as well and many others. Fast forward to 2016 when he turned 27 and found himself rethinking his approach and plan to business. After paying off some of his debts from the previous failed businesses, Efren began to reflect off of what truly made him happy and where his interests actually were. He found himself pondering on all of the mistakes he made and decided that marketing might be the way to go. So in 2016, he then took the plunge into marketing for a gym by the name of Damri MMA who was his first client. Damri MMA, which is a local business gym in Avondale Arizona gave him great experience as he then began to expand. He landed another client in the world of real estate. He began to look at the bigger picture and hired his first employee in 2016 and by the end of 2018, he had 10 employees under him. The rest is history.